Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Delivered Handwritten Trump Memos To Robert Mueller

On Saturday, Trump learned just how badly he f*cked up when he pushed for the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Not only did reports surface that, like former FBI Director James Comey,  McCabe kept handwritten memos regarding Trump but that those memos are now in the possession of Robert Mueller:

McCabe revealed that he had three in-person interactions and one phone call with Trump, in which the President berated him each time about his wife’s failed Virginia Senate campaign.
It is unclear exactly what is in McCabe’s memos and if he memorialized every interaction he had with the President.

“In May, when Director Comey was fired and I had my own interactions with the President, he brought up my wife every time I ever spoke to him,” McCabe told CNN. “Of course, I disagreed with him.”

McCabe also confirmed that the President asked him who he voted for in the 2016 election, which was reported back in January and which Trump denied.

The full contents of the memos have not been released, but Trump has every reason to be nervous right about now — especially if they are anywhere near half as revealing as those written by Comey.

Image via screengrab