Right-Wing Mom Freaks Out After Nickelodeon Goes Off-Air For 17 Minutes To Honor Dead Kids

Brace yourself ladies, gentlemen, and anything in between because Nickelodeon did something horrible. On Wednesday, they went off-air for an entire 17 minutes, forcing parents who use their televisions as babysitters to be parents for that time.

Right-wing blowhard “RavenPatriot” whined on Twitter that this banner appeared on her TV screen in place of about half of an episode of Paw Patrol:

Oh, the horror!

It wasn’t just Nickelodeon that went off-air to support students protesting for their right not to get gunned down by assault rifles in math class. Many Viacom networks went off the air, including Comedy Central, BET, TV Land and MTV.

“This generation continues to be the driving force for change,” Viacom’s executive vice president of global inclusion, Marva Smalls, said in a press release. “With more than 17 young people dying from gun violence every single day, unfortunately, no community is safe.

”We believe it’s critical to support the inspiring efforts of our youth, who are literally fighting for their lives,” Smalls said. “Viacom also has a responsibility to our audiences to do everything we can to elevate the many brave and bold activists to help them extend the reach and impact of their voices in this important movement.”

RavenPatriot spent much of the rest of the thread promoting #WalkUpNotOut, the “all lives matter” of school shooting related hashtags.

Naturally, everyone kind of had no choice but to mock her:

We hope that our nation’s children can recover from this horrific 17-minute loss of Paw Patrol.