Totally Sane Guy Threatens Student With Knife At PTA Meeting While Adults Do Nothing

Trump says that teachers should be armed. They are just waiting to jump to the defense of students who are threatened according to the big orange piece of trash currently occupying the Oval Office.

Video of an incident Thursday at a PTA meeting at  Rocky Point High School in New York during a discussion about students who participated in the national walkout to protest inaction on gun violence the previous day shows a totally sane person pulling a weapon on a young boy — apparently  to show that teachers should be armed or something.

“I’m considerably larger than you,” the man tells the boy, adding that it would take the police “three to five minutes” to respond to calls about attackers. Then he pulled out a knife and brandished it at the student, who took a step back when he was threatened.

“What are you going to do now?” the man said. “What are you gonna do now.”

While school administrators present were perfectly happy to suspend students who participated in the walkout after being told not to, they did nothing. Nada. Zilch.

“Stop it.” a parent yelled in the background as others joined in.

After outraged parents began to speak up, administrators had the man who just threatened a child gently escorted from the building — after they allowed him to talk some more.

“I’m disgusted to even say that this is my HS [high school]. They never fail to consistently silence the students and allow for behavior like this to be inflicted on the kids. Let them fucking protest. Let them stand up for what’s wrong. Let them feel SAFE!” a student from the school tweeted about the incident.

The student who posted the video to Twitter was suspended for a day for taking place in the national walkout and barred from school activities for another three days.

For some reason, school officials care more for obedience than student safety. For some reason, Republicans care more about guns than they do the lives of our children. It’s time to get rid of all who do not value our kids and replace them with people who…do.

Image via screengrab