One Of Trump’s Armed Teachers Just Shot Students In Class

The Republican Party, the National Rifle Association (NRA), and the Trump Administration have been pushing the absurd idea that teachers should be armed in order to stop school shootings. Well, in Seaside, California, students got a taste of just what will be happening nationwide if this were to happen on a widespread basis.

In a class called “Administration of Justice” teacher and reserve police officer Dennis Alexander was doing a gun safety exercise, when he pointed a loaded weapon at the ceiling and it went off. Several students were injured when chunks of the ceiling and parts of the bullet hit them. The entire situation was badly handled, but at least Dennis Alexander is now on leave pending an investigation. The Superintendent for the district sent the following message to the parents of the children at the school:

“We want to make you aware of an accident that occurred in the Administration of Justice class today at Seaside High School. As some of you may know, the teacher is a reserve police officer. Today, during class, the teacher accidentally discharged his firearm during a lesson while it was pointed at the ceiling. Debris from the ceiling then fell. Upon learning of the incident, our Human Resources department, school site administration and the Seaside Police Department immediately began investigating the incident, including interviewing students in the class. We will also have counseling services available for students. Due to the nature of this personnel incident, we are unable to share any other details. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave for the duration of the on-going investigation. The safety of your student is always our top priority, and we will continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to keep them safe while they are under our care.”

This is what happens when we arm teachers. This particular teacher was a reserve police officer, too. What happens when we get inexperienced people who are uncomfortable with guns armed in classrooms? This is a recipe for disaster. There should be no guns in schools, period. What we need are sensible gun laws, not schools full of people armed to the teeth. What happened at Seaside is Exhibit A for that.

Featured image via screen capture from KSBW