Rex Tillerson Confirms Trump Fired Him Via Twitter

Donald Trump’s idiot followers have been calling for Rex Tillerson’s head for quite a while. This would normally be a reasonable stance, but the general sentiment has been that Tillerson isn’t crazy, stupid, and racist enough to satisfy the non-forking family tree demographic — but on Tuesday, The Donald decided to distract from the numerous scandals plaguing his administration by throwing them a tasty piece of red meat.

At almost 9 a.m., President Stable Genius tweeted his announcement that former CIA Director and Islamophobic hate monger Mike Pompeo would be replacing Tillerson as Secretary of State.

It wasn’t until hours later that Trump actually told Tillerson directly that he was fired.

Tillerson says that The Donald called him  “a little after noontime from Air Force One” to talk about his firing, which was announced via Twitter more than three hours earlier.

Recently, Tillerson called Trump a “moron,” and his refusal to praise Dear Leader caused tensions between the two to escalate.

When Pompeo takes over for Tillerson, Gina Haspel will fill his position at the CIA. Haspel notably oversaw the torture of dozens of people and destroyed evidence of it.

Right now we have a President who is attacking the free press, attempting to end the careers of judges who disagree with him, filling his administration not only with people who are pro-torture like Pompeo and Haspel but with people who show complete disdain for civil rights and who are working for a hostile foreign power.

It’s clear what is happening, but Republicans — rather than doing their duties — are turning a blind eye, claiming that their investigation into the Trump administration “found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.” This is, of course, a lie.

It’s well past time to get Trump out of office, isn’t it?

image via screengrab