Violent Trump Fans Threaten To Burn Down Book Store Because ‘This Is America’

Trump fans clearly aren’t fans of books in general, but they are really mad at a book store in Berkeley, California — so angry, in fact, that they threatened to burn it to the ground.

A group of “alti-Right” (one of the most recent “rebranding” terms used by Nazi groups) Trump supporters have recently been attacking Revolution Books, and in an incident captured on video they decided to make some pretty substantial threats against the store and its employees.

The group began to focus on the store after GOP pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos was met with protests last year.

“We’re gonna burn down your bookstore, just so you know that,” a man in a “Make America Great Again” hat screamed at bookstore employees.

“They call themselves Western Chauvinists, and they’re all Trump supporters,” employee Reiko Redmonde said. “This is an outrageous threat. We’re not going to stand for it. We’re not going to be intimidated or deterred.”

According to employees, this is the tenth time Trump fans have become “aggressive” in front of their store, but the situation is just now progressing to threats of violence.

“These are threats you have to take seriously,” employee Rafael Kadaris says. “These people are targeting immigrants. They’re targeting Muslims. They’re targeting anyone that disagrees with Trump.”

“They’re about making America great again, which is about making America white again,” Redmonde said.

“These pro-Trump fascist thugs have repeatedly targeted Revolution Books over the last series of months. and they’re targeting this store because we are the political and intellectual center for an actual revolution, and these people are supporters of a white supremacist president,” Kadaris says. “And we stand for everything they’re against.”

Despite clear evidence of the threats, KRON 4 reports that no arrests have been made.

Watch the Trump fans make violent threats below:

MAGA thugs threaten Revolution Books

Fascist a**holes up in our faces today, making threats to "burn down" the bookstore, saying "This is America!". Revolution Books is the intellectual, political, cultural center for a movement for revolution. Support and defend RB, & come by today if you are in Berkeley. (This is the anniversary of one of their fascist rallies in Berkeley.)

Posted by Revolution Books Berkeley on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Image via screengrab