WV Senator Throws Tantrum Over Teacher Raises – Or ‘Free Handouts’ As She Calls Them

Tuesday was a bad day for Republicans across West Virginia, but a great day for the state’s teachers, who are now returning to work after a nine-day work stoppage over the legislature’s refusal to give them a fair raise. But state Senator Lynne Arvon has a message for the state’s teachers, whom are among the lowest paid in the country: the “free handouts” (like standard pay increases) are over!

“The teachers have to understand that West Virginia is a red state and the free handouts are over,” Arvon was overheard saying to an aide while the strike was still going on. Teachers and staff were demanding a 5% raise, as their insurance costs were going up more than their cost of living increase.

Arvon, of course, went mildly viral after she was caught literally sleeping on the job (as opposed to figuratively, which is normal for West Virginia Republicans). The quote lay dormant for a while on Twitter but  really took off after the West Virginia Senate Republicans finally caved, vowing to take the money for raises out of the state’s Medicaid fund.

Apparently Arvon, who thinks napping on the clock is OK, feels that any wages teachers receive for their immeasurably hard work are “handouts” they are lucky to get. Naturally, she somehow ignores that because of her attitude and similar ones shared by her GOP brethren, the state has trouble attracting qualified teachers and is the absolute worst in the country in terms of education.

Arvon, of course, received her very job as a “free handout” when she was appointed by GOP Governor Jim Justice (who opposed teacher raises until he was unable to threaten thousands of educators into submission).

West Virginians need to remember not only Arvon’s “LET THEM EAT CHALK” attitude but that most of her fellow Republicans agree with her when they next go to the polls. Our children are too precious for monsters like this to be in charge of anything affecting their education.

As a West Virginian, I feel that Ms. Arvon should go fuck herself sideways with the business end of a cactus. Because of her and her GOP allies, my son has missed nine days of school — and while I have enjoyed playing Overwatch with him a lot, the greed of Arvon and her colleagues robbed him of his routine and of his ability to receive a proper education. Shameless.

image via screengrab