Betsy DeVos Mocked After Visiting School Shooting Site To Pet A Dog And Talk About Dogs

If you haven’t heard, Betsy DeVos seized upon the opportunity to get a few quick PR photos at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Wednesday — or as she put it,  “connect with students and teachers in the wake of the tragic shooting.” Unfortunately, DeVos showed everyone that she’s just not interested in all the children and staff who were murdered on Valentine’s Day. But she loves puppies!

DeVos repeatedly dodged questions and abruptly ended a press conference, making her immensely unpopular with the media. She wasn’t very popular with the students either, one of whom pointed out that DeVos showed more interest in a dog than the majority of the students.

Other students expressed frustration with DeVos’ refusal to answer basic questions:

To be fair, DeVos did give a heartfelt speech…about dogs.

“For students who were actually in the building and involved, it’s very tough. I did note, however, that there are a number of helper dogs around the school,” DeVos said. “And I spoke with a small group of students who are having a particular tough time and when I asked them if any of them had the opportunity to connect with the dogs, all of their faces lit up in an amazing way.”

Isn’t it amazing that students were footnotes in her awesome day talking about and visiting with dogs?

Naturally, Twitter had no choice but to collectively mock this immensely stupid woman:

So, DeVos’ solution to school shootings is dogs for the survivors? Good to know. Why does she have her job (or any job) again?

Image via screengrab