Betsy DeVos Goes Down In Flames After Tweeting An Out Of Touch Stock Photo Of Classroom

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s controversial Secretary of Education, tried to paint the public school system as unruly by using a stock photo of the past and compared to the present time. The billionaire Trump official can’t seem to grasp that in 2018, technology has helped schools advance. DeVos has displayed displeasure with public schools even though that is the department she heads. DeVos is not very popular with educators.

Teachers dragged DeVos to school on Twitter after she used stock photos to make a claim about how classrooms in public schools are currently structured.

DeVos tweeted out an image of an older classroom from years gone by next to  a stock photo of a current classroom, with the caption, “Does this look familiar?”

“Students lined up in rows. A teacher in front of a blackboard,” she continued. “Sit down; don’t talk; eyes up front. Wait for the bell. Walk to the next class,” she tweeted. “Everything about our lives has moved beyond the industrial era. But American education largely hasn’t.”

Teachers quickly gave DeVos a reality-check by sharing photos of their own students to correct her.

“Don’t you know that stock photos aren’t real? How many classrooms have you visited in the past year?” one teacher asked DeVos. “Classrooms don’t look like that anymore. Students don’t work like that anymore.”

DeVos’ Twitter mentions are blowing up.

It’s not the 50s anymore but we’re sure DeVos misses that bygone era.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images