Robert Mueller Is Closing In, Subpoenas Trump Documents Back To 2015

Things are looking really bad for Donald Trump, but pretty great for America. News outlets are reporting that special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed a witness forĀ  all documents that involve Trump and his aides between November 1 2015 (five months after Trump announced his candidacy) and now.

Axios reports that Mueller wants documents related to some pretty high-profile figures in Trump’s campaign and administration including Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Hope Hicks (who recently admitted she lied for Trump regularly), Keith Schiller, Corey Lewandowski, and Steve Bannon — many of whom have been indicted or who have pleaded guilty to crimes uncovered by Mueller’s probe.

It’s no wonder President Stable Genius has been so antsy lately. He can feel the proverbial noose tightening as Robert Mueller gets closer and closer to giving Trump exactly what he wants — the ability to serve for life. Unfortunately for Trump, it won’t be as President like China’s Xi Jinping, who recently banned “Animal Farm” and the letter “N.”

Will our long national nightmare soon be over? Probably not — it took years to finally nail Nixon — but this seems to be a sign that the end is beginning.

Image via screengrab