GOP Vice Chairman Claims Florida Students ‘Rehearsed’ For ‘Fake’ Massacre

Yet another Republican official has come out in support of the Alex Jones-inspired garbage theory that the recent school massacre in Florida was staged — and it’s not going over as well as he hoped it would when he shared a video to enlighten all the liberal snowflakes who think that facts are important.

Georgia news station WXIA reports that Cobb Country Republican Party vice chair Michael Davis shared a video to Facebook that claims video of students drilling for mass shootings (something that is distressingly common) was a “rehearsal” before the “fake shooting aired by NBC.”

“Maybe 11Alive should focus on the fact these so-called ‘student lead’ protests are anything but with left winged organizations from the ACLU to the SCLC just in Cobb County when it opens the door legally for outside political organizations using students to disrupt the school day when the US is already ranked near the bottom in education among industrialized nations,”  Cobb Country GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd said in a statement addressing the post. “If a school district opens the door to one, then under Equal Protection they must allow any group of students to stage walkouts. What will this do to education in America?”

What this had to do with the “fake shooting” remarks is a mystery to everyone.

Why is it that every time there is a mass shooting, conservatives immediately jump to “it was fake” rather than coming to the proper realization that we probably should do something about mass shootings? Perhaps we should ask their NRA handlers.

Image via screengrab