Trump Grinned Like An Idiot When His Name Got Dropped At A Funeral

Many people would have a reason to smile at the funeral of “self-conscious fraud” and “disgustingly evil man” Billy Graham. As someone who grew up going to a Christian school that relied heavily on his teachings, I am one of those who wishes he could attend just so I could verify for myself that he is no longer poisoning society. And yes, it would bring a smile to my face. But Trump?

Graham was disgustingly homophobic and spent a lifetime harnessing the power of television to preach his hate all while bilking his mindless believers out of their money. Graham called homosexuality an “ungodly spirit of self-gratification” and infamously said  “we traffic in homosexuality at the peril of our spiritual welfare. Your affection for another of your own sex is misdirected and will be judged by God’s holy standards.”

Graham’s website features a section on gay conversion therapy, which is illegal in some parts of the country. He also spent years preaching that gay people are responsible for AIDS – -a viewpoint repeated in a 2013 sermon by a right-wing hate preacher who shares Graham’s hateful viewpoints (this preacher took Graham’s views to the next logical point and suggested curing AIDS by executing every gay man).

“Is Aids a judgment of God?” Graham once said. I could not say for sure, but I think so.”

This, of course, made him popular with conservatives (including Mike Pence, who follows the “Billy Graham Rule of not being alone with a woman unless his wife, whom he calls “Mother,” is present).

As the Stupid Part of America is the very group Trump needs if he wants any hope of not losing by the most embarrassing margin ever in 2020, he attended Graham’s funeral Friday, where his fake mask of somber reflection slipped off briefly when someone mentioned his name.

“I have learned this week as never before, everybody has a Billy Graham story,” Graham’s daughter said in a speech honoring her father. “Even this week, President Trump told us about his Billy Graham story. As a little boy, his father took him to Yankee stadium to hear my father preach. And he said this is a big deal.”

Trump just couldn’t resist, allowing his trademark moronic grin to spread across his orange-hued face:

Thn, he looked around and realized that everyone who wasn’t a gutless toadie (Vice President Mike “Mommy Issues” Pence in this case) next to him wasn’t smiling and fixed his expression.

As the world pretends that Billy Graham wasn’t a terrible excuse for a human being, the Russia investigation — like the atmosphere at the funeral while he was grinning like a fucking moron because someone mentioned him —  seems poised to wipe the stupid smile off his face faster than his doctor, who forced him to give up his beloved Big Macs and start eating salads.

As Teen Vogue columnist Laura Duca said after Graham passed away, “have fun in hell, bitch.”

Image via screengrab