Trump Staffers Desperately Want To Quit, But No One Else Will Hire Them

With the Trump administration in shambles, the revolving door at the White House is about to get a lot of action if staffers can get employment elsewhere, however, that doesn’t look good for those trying to make an exit right now. Staffers are reportedly suffering from low morale and constant frustration over the neverending chaos in the Trump administration.

BuzzFeed News reports that sources close to the White House say that “many mid- and low-level staffers are anxious to leave and are actively looking for jobs elsewhere.”

Those seeking to leave were surprised by communications director Hope Hicks’ abrupt resignation on Wednesday and saw that as a sort of tipping point for them.

One former White House official told BuzzFeed that he’s spoken with more aides who are trying to leave the Trump administration, however, they aren’t getting the kinds of high-paying offers in the corporate world that former aides usually get.

The source admitted that things are “bleak” right now in the scandal-plagued administration.

“Things are still pretty bleak inside the White House,” the source said. “I’ve talked to several people in the last week trying to find a way out, but they can’t get out because no one is really hiring people with Trump White House experience. Not a fun time to say the least.”

“The White House has lost Hope,” the source said, referring to  Hicks’ sudden departure just one day after she admitted to lying for Trump. “That about says it all, right?”

The exodus at the White House has been fierce with staffers leaving to distance themselves from the chaotic administration, and some have been fired. But, it was their decision to join the toxic administration and forever be tied to Donald Trump.

Who knew that working for a madman would not look good on a resume?

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images.