Armed Social Studies Teacher Arrested After Opening Fire At Georgia High School

President Stable Genius and his Republican allies have been pushing the theory that there will be no more school shootings if we just arm teachers to the teeth, but there are a few small problems with that.

Not only did a dumbass Christian school teacher in Pennsylvania leave her loaded gun on the back of a toilet where it was discovered by kids, but on Wednesday a social studies teacher at Dalton High School in Georgia managed to show us all perfectly why putting guns in the hands of teachers is one of the worst ideas since trickle-down economics.

At 11:15 a.m., the Dalton Police Department responded to “shot or shots fired” at the high school. When they arrived, they found Jesse Randall Davidson, 53, barricaded inside a classroom.

But Davidson wasn’t the hero of the story that Republicans tell us teachers will be if we shove guns into their waistbands. He wasn’t there to protect anyone from a “bad guy with a gun.” In fact, Davidson was the bad guy. The Dalton Police made this very clear on their Twitter account.

While it was initially reported that no students were hurt, the Dalton PD revealed later that one of the kids hurt his ankle while running away from Davidson, who also served as the “play by play voice of the Dalton football team.”

It’s easy to dismiss this as an isolated incident, but this man was a trusted social studies teacher who was heavily involved in the school football program. In other words, he’s exactly the guy Donald  Trump says should have a gun.

But it doesn’t really matter what you or I or the NRA thinks about this. Let’s see how the students feel about this dude having a gun in the classroom:

Do the kids feel safer with armed teachers? No. Are they safer? Absolutely not. This was one student’s favorite teacher before this incident.

Fortunately, no kids were hurt this time, but there is no guarantee they won’t be in the future. It’s time to finally enact sensible gun regulations so we can actually protect our kids.

Image via screengrab