Douchebag WV Governor Joked About School Shootings, Threatened Striking Teachers (VIDEO)

If you haven’t heard, teachers (and other public employees) in the state of West Virginia are in the midst of a strike over their most recent wage increase.

In West Virginia, teachers are paid the 48th-lowest in the country — and as they face skyrocketing insurance rates under President Stable Genius their wages aren’t exactly keeping up with the increased costs thanks to stingy WV lawmakers.

“It comes down to we want a fair and steady wage and would like to be out [of] the bottom in teacher pay compared to the rest of the US,” Robert May, a teacher at Chapmanville Middle School, told 50 States of Blue Monday. “Even the raise isn’t as much an issue as the constant changes to our insurance.”

One of the “changes” is a projected $7,000 per year increase in costs — something the teachers’ 2% raise this year and 1% for the next two years won’t even touch.

But not to worry! Republican West Virginia governor and Trump ass-kisser Jim Justice met with striking teachers in Wheeling, West Virginia Monday and vowed that he would stand by the state’s educators as they fought for reasonably fair wages…is what happened in an alternate universe in which Jim Justice isn’t such a massive fucking douchecanoe.

Justice for some reason decided it would be a good idea to kick off his town hall by joking about another issue that deeply bothers teachers — a recent school incident in which one of his fellow Trump supporters murdered 17 people in a Florida school.

“Nobody’s going to shoot at me or anything, are you?” Justice “joked” in response to a banging noise.

“No promises,” at least one person said in response.

This was our greeting from the governor of the state.

Posted by Jess Spring on Monday, February 26, 2018

Justice, a billionaire, told teachers that they need to put aside their legitimate concerns with pay and insurance costs.

“You need to be back in the classrooms,” he told teachers, warning that he would “Get redneck” on them if they persisted in making the “very dumb move” of demanding fair wages that actually cover their expenses. Justice, who tells teachers he is an ally, then took to Twitter to threaten the underpaid striking workers in a grammatically-incorrect tweet:

As many pointed out, Justice recently made headlines for getting away with failing to pay his taxes.

Naturally, this didn’t go over well:

“Being on the nightly news across the nation is not helping us. It’s not helping raise incomes so you can fulfill your dreams,” Justice later tweeted.

The strike continues as teachers press lawmakers to fix the state insurance program so their paltry “raises” can pay for more school supplies that are, like proper wages, apparently not in the legislature’s plans for state educators and other employees.

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