GOP Lawmaker Who Owns Rifle Factory: Schools Don’t Have Enough Jesus To Match My Guns

A Republican Oklahoma state lawmaker who owns a rifle factory has announced that he will be closing the doors because he’s contributing to the gun violence problem in America — you knew that was a lie when I said “Republican” huh?

No, this member of the Party of Perpetual Stupidity has decided that the problem that causes mass shootings like we just saw in Florida and seemingly every other week in our country isn’t the ready availability of deadly weaponry to pretty much everyone who wants one (including suspected terrorists). It’s video games.

No reputable study has shown conclusively that violence in video games causes mass shootings (though they do have an impact on aggression, especially when you end up trying to heal a team  in Overwatch and you have no “tanks” but your teammates have made sure you’re dealing with a healthy supply of useless sniper characters), but that didn’t stop Oklahoma Republicans from trying to distract from the fact that easy access to guns is a problem.

“The first thing everybody wants to talk about is gun control,”  Rep. Markwayne Mullin said, whining that the people who recognize guns are an issue are not taking time to look at “the whole situation.” For Mullin, this dumbass epiphany that video games are the real problem came when he overreacted to his kids playing Call of Duty and forming dumbass conclusions based on zero empirical evidence.

“I walked upstairs not too long ago. My two boys were playing Call of Duty with my brother-in-law and I looked at it for about three minutes and my palms were sweaty… the graphics are so real that that can’t be good. I made them turn it off and they’ve never gotten to play it since,” Mullin says. “Hollywood elites they always want to go on about gun control, gun control, gun control, they’re making millions and billions off exposing our kids, this generation, to violence and glorifying it.”

This may seem stupid to you, and you’re right — but that didn’t stop Mullin’s colleague from borrowing this dumbass idea and somehow making it more…dumbassier?

Fellow Oklahoma Republican Rep. Steve Russell sent out a newsletter declaring that “we cannot get to a solution simply by going after the tools” — an interesting theory from a man who owns a rifle manufacturing company.

Like Mullin, he contends that video games are the issue.

“It means Hollywood not getting a pass to condemn such acts while perpetuating such behavior on the screen,” he wrote. “It means our video gaming industry admitting that they may have a role in altering mental abhorrence to violence and the harming of innocents.” But it’s not just video games causing people to use rifles like the ones he manufactures to commit acts of violence. It’s certainly not the rifles. If it was, he might have trouble sleeping at night on his blood money-stuffed pillows. The heart of the gun violence problem, Russell says, is a lack of Jesus.

Russell contends that the solution is “our educators being willing to admit that resistance to our Judeo-Christian ethic in teaching respect and morality in the classroom has created untethered generations who struggle to identify what is right and wrong.”

So the problem is that schools don’t have enough Jesus? Apparently even churches have this problem, but whatevs.

At this point, we should probably round every Republican up for study. We must as a nation figure out how they are able to function while sharing a single brain cell.

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