Donald Trump Wants To Solve The Opioid Crisis By ‘Killing Drug Dealers’ In The U.S.

Donald Trump has often talked about drug dealers getting the death penalty and even makes jokes about it during conversations about drug enforcement, Axios reports. Trump, just like his Attorney General, has no concept of drug addiction. A lot of addicts will deal small amounts of drugs just to carry their habits at times. I was one of those people until I cleaned up my act about 16 years ago. And because some a–hole like Donald Trump didn’t put me to death, after getting clean, I became a drug counselor, and later, I founded a site and started writing for others, too, like this one. What I’m saying here is that I pay taxes and contribute to society now after decades of being addicted to heroin.

The so-called president frequently notes that some other countries are tough on drug dealers while discussing the topic with friends and associates. One source told Axios that Trump brings up Singapore’s policy of a mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking convictions “a lot.”

Trump explained: ‘When I ask the prime minister of Singapore do they have a drug problem [the prime minister replies,] ‘No. Death penalty’.”

“He often jokes about killing drug dealers,” a senior administration official also told Axios. “He’ll say, ‘You know the Chinese and Filipinos don’t have a drug problem. They just kill them.’”

According to what five sources told Axios, Trump often leaps into a passionate speech about how drug dealers are as bad as serial killers and should all get the death penalty.

Trump says that a softer approach to drug reform will never work.

This is really crazy, you guys:

He tells friends and associates the government has got to teach children that they’ll die if they take drugs and they’ve got to make drug dealers fear for their lives.

Trump has told confidants that he would love to have a law to execute all drug dealers here in the U.S., but privately he has admitted that it would probably be impossible to get a law this harsh passed here.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who is leading the administration’s drug policy office (!!!), told Axios that the so-called president is actually referring to drug dealers who sell substances that can cause thousands of deaths.

“The president makes a distinction between those that are languishing in prison for low-level drug offenses and the kingpins hauling thousands of lethal doses of fentanyl into communities, that are responsible for many casualties in a single weekend,” she told Axios.

“There is an appetite among many law enforcement, health professionals and grieving families that we must toughen up our criminal and sentencing statutes to match the new reality of drugs like fentanyl, which are so lethal in such small doses,” she added.

The Trump administration is doing the opposite of how it should react to the opioid crisis which has swept across the U.S. As a drug counselor, I worked with court-mandated clients who just got out of prison. In one case, I worked with a murderer, who after a year of treatment, got a job, met an amazing woman, and wept in my arms on his last day at the rehab. He made it. At first, the 6’7″ black man was very hostile to treatment. At one time, he abused drugs and killed his stepfather after years of abuse, but then he went on to become a taxpayer. He was proud that day. Trump would have him killed, though, if he could.

Sorry for going on like this, you guys, but this issue is an important one to me. I don’t like writing about myself but I thought it was important for others to realize that treatment works.

/end of rant.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.