Trump’s Former Adviser Just Shoved A Reporter At CPAC, Told Him To ‘F-ck Off’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump launched a war with the free press and it got physical at the Conservative Political Action Conference when Sebastian Gorka shoved a reporter with Mediaite and told him to “fuck off.” A video shows Gorka shaking reporter Caleb Ecarma’s hand, but then, the former Trump aide raised a hand to him and then shoved him.


Mediaite reports that Gorka recently challenged the reporter to a duel in an email after Ecarma mocked his Mustang on Twitter.

“Seb Gorka illegally parked his s––y four cylinder Mustang on the sidewalk. Can’t even afford a 5.0 V8 GT. Sad!… Seriously tho what the hell is the point of buying a Mustang if it’s not a V8. Answer me coward @SebGorka,” Ecarma tweeted at the time.

Gorka and the reporter have a history.

While both of the men are acting childishly, Gorka should show more restraint as a former official with the Trump administration.

Gorka, who obtained U.S. citizenship in 2012, has a warrant out for his arrest in Hungary that was issued before Donald Trump became the so-called president. The warrant, issued on September 17, 2016, is reportedly for “firearm ammunition abuse.” Gorka teamed up with half-term Governor Sarah Palin in September to throw their support behind alleged pedophile Roy Moore during the campaign for Alabama’s Senate seat. Yeah, he’s that kind of a guy.

Donald Trump has not applied extreme vetting to his own administration.

Image via screen capture.