Woman Left ‘Feeling Scared’ After Trump-Loving Ohio Cab Driver ‘Had His Penis Out’ On Dead End Street

Cab driver Jack Bolin of Ohio wants you to “give Trump a chance,” but he managed to scare the bejeezus out of a woman after demanding that she also give his penis a chance, according to a Facebook post warning other women not to call a cab if he might be driving it.

Vanessa Heslop writes as a warning to women who might consider using one of the few taxi companies in the area, BMG Cab Services that Bolin drove her to the end of a dead end street over her objections because he had to “pee.” According to the Facebook post, Bolin got back into the cab after apparently relieving himself and “he literally STILL had his penis out, pants down past his butt.” It just got worse from there:

And when I realized that, I turned my head quickly freaking OUT and before I could even get anything out my mouth, he asked me if I’d “like to see it HARD.” and if I had “dick recently” I said NO, I don’t want to see it, please just get me out this dead end road & just drop me off. And then I called my friend to be on the phone with me cause I was freaked out and couldn’t believe this man just did that.

Heslop says she contacted Bolin’s employer only to be told that he denied it happened and there was nothing he could do. According to a man she identifies as “Brian” at BMG, they simply rent out the cabs and are not responsible for the actions of the drivers. She says that the owner called Jack a “decent dude” and accused her of lying about the situation.

“AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WOMEN ARE SCARED TO EVEN COME FORWARD WHEN THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TO THEM,” Heslop said, channeling the collective anger of women across the country. “They get told ‘oh, I don’t think he would do something like that” or What I got from Bryan at BMG …’I’ll ask him but if he says he didn’t then I can’t do anything’ LIKE OF COURSE HE WONT TELL YOU HE DID it!” She accompanied her post with a “feeling scared” Facebook “How are you feeling” message.

Bolin, who is married to the heavily-memed-back-in-the-day rampaging mall cop ,was fired from Buffalko Wild Wings in 2017 after a racist Facebook rant, and who denies that the Sandy Hook massacre happened, certainly seems like a “decent dude”  based on a stroll through his Trump and Breitbart-laden Facebook profile:

And he certainly looks like someone you can trust to know what the truth is:

This is a message Bolin sent someone last year after someone disagreed with his wife over politics:

Heslop says she is meeting with police soon to file a statement and that things “got weirder at the end of the ride” but declined to mention exactly how her trip ended on social media. “I’m just going to write it all in the statement and pray he’s handled accordingly,” she writes.

After Heslop’s post began to spread, another woman spoke out about Mr. Bolin’s actions after a friend sent it to her via private message. She reposted, adding that she is appalled that he is “still working for the company after happening to me and this girl and god knows how many others that haven’t spoke up.”

Addicting Info contacted Carr, and she tells us that her experience was similar, but also uniquely creepy:

A few months back I took a cab home and almost the same thing happened to me as this girl except the guy dropped me off and walked into my home and asked to use the restroom didn’t knock walked in..I was drinking so didn’t think much of it cause I had offered my bathroom in the cab ride because the guy said he had to pee..Anyway I pointed him to my bathroom I was at table eating pizza..He Came out of my bathroom with his pants completely down exposing himself.

Police told me since he didnt physically touch me, there’s probably not much they could do.

A third woman says that she and her boyfriend left their bags in Bolin’s cab while they were in the store and later found that her underwear was missing from her bag. Heslop later said in an update that “several” more have contacted her privately to share their experiences with him.

Bolin’s wife posted on social media that Heslop and others who have spoken out are “fantasizing about sex and violence for their own selfish reasons” and that “the speaker sounds more preachy for politics than she sounds distressed.”

“It’s a smear campaign,” Mall Cop says. “Liberal lunacy at its finest.”

We contacted BMG Cab Services, but an employee was unable to confirm whether or not Mr. Bolin has been suspended or fired following the incident. The employee confirms they are aware of it, however. We have also reached out to Mr. Bolin, but have not heard anything back — though we’d probably just get a lecture on “sand n*ggers.”

Images via public Facebook posts