A Non-Profit Is Helping Black Kids See Black Panther, And Racists Are Losing Their Sh*t (IMAGES)

Marvel’s Black Panther opened to much fanfare over the weekend, and as the first blockbuster film with a black cast and black filmmakers, this is a really big deal. It’s such a huge deal that people and groups all over the country are working to help children of color see it, so as many as possible can see a movie with black characters that are strong, empowered, not playing second fiddle to white characters, and most importantly, not stereotyped. And an Iowa non-profit organization is helping with free screenings for children in Iowa.

A story on WHO-13, Des Moines’ NBC affiliate, ran a short story on this with the headline, “Free ‘Black Panther’ Screenings Planned for Iowa Kids.” The second paragraph of the story says:

“There is a push nationwide to provide children of color the chance to see the movie. The nonprofit group Hip Hope and other groups have organized a private screening for 230 kids, parents, and staff on Saturday evening.”

Of course, because the focus of this effort is on black children, the racists are out in full force. Anything that focuses on anything other that white people is automatically “reverse racism” to these people. Nowhere in the story does it say that white children are not allowed at these events, yet here the racists are on WHO’s Facebook post, in all their moronic glory, proclaiming that very thing to be happening. And then some.

Once again, for those in the nosebleed seats, nowhere does it say that white children aren’t allowed. It’s amazing how many poor, put-upon, idiotic racist snowflakes come out of the woodwork when something happens that doesn’t revolve around white people.

Featured image via Bob Levey/Getty Images for IMAX