BREAKING: Trump Campaign Aide Pleads GUILTY, Agrees To Testify

Looks like another of Trump’s people has decided to stop fighting and cooperate with Robert Mueller.

For days, it has been rumored that Trump campaign aide Rick Gates  would be changing his plea to “guilty” — and he has now done just that. The Los Angeles Times reports that, in exchange for the possibility of a lighter sentence, Gates will now be testifying against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort — a development that looks very bad for Manafort:

The Oct. 27 indictment showed that prosecutors had amassed substantial documentation to buttress their charges that both Manafort and Gates – who were colleagues in political consulting for about a decade – had engaged in a complex series of allegedly illegal transactions rooted in Ukraine. The indictment alleged that both men, who for years were unregistered agents of the Ukraine government, hid millions of dollars of Ukraine-based payments from U.S. authorities.

According to the indictment, Gates and Manafort “laundered the money through scores of United States and foreign corporations, partnerships and bank accounts” and took steps to evade related U.S. taxes.

If Manafort maintains his not-guilty plea and fights the charges at a trial, the testimony from Gates could provide Mueller’s team with first-person descriptions of much of the allegedly illegal conduct. Gates’ testimony, said a person familiar with the pending guilty plea, would place a “cherry on top” of the government’s already-formidable case against Manafort.

While the same person doesn’t believe Gates has enough insider information to “turn the screws on Trump: himself, it is very likely that Manafort — who now is feeling more pressure with Gates ready to roll over on him — does.

Since Manafort was indicted, Trump has repeatedly attempted to downplay his former campaign manager’s involvement in his campaign.

Mueller is closing in, and Trump knows it. Once again, his desperate tweets proclaiming “NO COLLUSION” echo through the headlines. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer before the greatest threat to America today is removed from office.

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