Indiana GOP Ousts Racist City Councilman And Replace Him With Terrifying Woman-Beater

Republicans totally care about domestic violence. As President Stable Genius and his administration continue to be revealed as people who have no problem filling the White House with domestic abusers, Republicans from Vice President Mommy Issues’ home state want to remind us that they love domestic abusers too.

Last month, Franklin City Council member Joseph R. Ault was forced to resign after he jumped on the Trump Train and said (via meme, as is conservative tradition),  “We bring people from s***hole countries because shithole Democrats need shithole votes so they can turn America into a shithole. Do you agree?”

The citizens of Franklin county made it very clear that they don’t agree, and Ault’s Republican colleagues had no choice but to pressure him to resign.

But what can they do? They had to get rid of Ault, but they are Republicans and needed to prove that they are still the worst people in the country — so they decided to replace Ault with someone who actually might be a worse human being.

Stephen R. Brown might be awful, but he is a completely appropriate replacement for a blatant racist in the GOP. Brown was arrested last year on charges of domestic battery and criminal confinement after he — well, the Daily Journal sums it up pretty well:

On Sept. 24, 2016 police received an incomplete 911 call from Brown’s Center Street home just after 2 a.m. The couple had been at a Franklin bar and after they got home, Brown became upset because she received a text message from a former co-worker after he hugged her that evening, and Brown demanded her phone passcode so he could read her messages. She refused, and he took the phone from her and told her repeatedly that he wasn’t going to let her leave the bathroom, the police report said.

She told police that he pushed her several times, causing her to fall, and that she hit him and tried to knee him in an effort to escape, the police report said. He told her that he would keep her in the bathroom for days if need be, the report said.

He eventually let her go and went outside, but wouldn’t return her cell phone, so she used the home phone to call 911.

Brown told police that she received text messages from a man they had seen while they were at a downtown bar, and once they got home, he confronted her and trapped her in the bathroom for up to an hour and told her she wasn’t leaving until he saw the messages, the report said. He also told police that he pushed her several times to keep her from leaving, the report said.

He told police that he had made poor decisions and poor choices and let jealousy get the best of him, and that he couldn’t help his actions, the report said.

Brown asked police if his girlfriend was going to be arrested for battering him, but a police lieutenant told him no because her actions were in an effort to escape, the report said.

At the time, Brown said he didn’t understand what criminal confinement was or that he was doing it because his girlfriend lives in his home.

“I mean she lives there,” he said. “She wasn’t going to go anywhere anyways.”

A judge allowed him to do a minimal amount of community service and the domestic battery charge is expected to disappear later this month. He was not charged with criminal confinement for some reason, though he doesn’t deny that the incident occurred.

Brown says he doesn’t want the incident to overshadow his “community involvement.” Brown says that most of the precinct committee members who voted him in were personal friends who knew what he did to his girlfriend. They simply didn’t care enough to allow that to overshadow their personal loyalty to him.

“I made a mistake, I learned from it, and I’m better because of it,” Brown says, glossing over the fact that he held a woman prisoner in his bathroom then demanded she be charged for attempting to escape confinement.

He’ll certainly fit right in with the rest of the GOP, won’t he?