South Carolina Republicans Forced To Remove GOP Official For Obama ‘Street N****r’ Facebook Posts

Republicans aren’t racist. Not one bit. Nope. If you need to know how “not-racist” they are, you need only observe now-former Charleston County, South Carolina Transportation Committee member Bobby Miller.

Miller, a self-described “big Trump supporter,” initially claimed his account was hacked when he was busted making “not-racist” remarks about President Obama on Facebook. In response to the reveal of President Obama’s painting in the Smithsonian Miller posted on Facebook, “DAMN MUSLIM BAST;RD!! NOTHIN BUT A CHICAGO STREET NIG’R!! DEMOCRAT! FRAUD!!”

Miller says that he has never posted anything that violates Facebook standards and he would be banned from the site if he had done so, but last year it was revealed that Facebook’s hate speech rules are designed (based on the company’s own materials) to protect “white men” above all else. As for being hacked, Miller has apparently had this happen a lot to him, given some of his previous posts that weren’t a problem to his colleagues until he made headlines.

Last September, Miller posted a photo of Obama wearing a blue jumpsuit, captioning it, “CRIMINAL MUSLIM BAS’TD!! TRUMP WILL GET THIS STREET NG’R!!”

He’s actually really fond of that weirdly-spelled “STREET N****R” term. He also applied it to an ABC News reporter last year:

After the backlash became too heavy, state Republican lawmakers were forced to replace Miller with another white man, Paul Gawrych.

Why did no one do anything about Miller last year? Well, South Carolina is a deep red state and it’s unlikely anyone would lift a finger to deal with a racist like him unless the public forced them to (as we just saw).

These days, we can and should view Trump’s MAGA hats for what they are: new age Klan hoods that racists can wear in public.

Trump has, of course, been completely silent about this — though if a black person kneels during the anthem, he’s right on it.