People Are Donating ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ To NRA-Backed Republicans’ Re-Election Campaigns

Since Republicans think that “thoughts and prayers” are what we need after every single mass shooting, Americans are responding in the most appropriate way possible. As brave schoolchildren lay down their lives to protect Billy Joe Bob’s right to stock his bunker with military-style assault (not “defense”) rifles, Americans are responding to the GOP’s nationwide donation pushes by sending them the same worthless shit they give to people asking for common sense gun reform.

“Since you and your colleagues in Congress seem to feel this is the solution to mass murder, please accept this contribution,” one woman wrote as she donated a big fat check worth “thoughts and prayers” to Rep Jack Bergman’s campaign.

Bergman received about $5,000 from America’s most accepted terrorist organization in the 2016 election cycle — so it’s no surprise that he only called the massacre “incomprehensible” without promising to do a single thing to prevent it from happening again. If we were to attach a monetary value to each life lost (in the eyes of Bergman), those 17 dead kids and school faculty are worth about $294 of the NRA’s money.

Another woman from Akron, Ohio, inspired by the idea, informed Senator Rob Portman that he’s not “thinking and praying hard enough as innocent children continue to be slaughtered in cold blood while they do nothing more than graph a slope of a line.”

“Hopefully, this additional contribution of thoughts and prayers will help,” she writes.

Portman received 9,900 from the NRA during the 2016 election cycle and didn’t even have the decency to send “thoughts and prayers” directly. He did it through a spokesperson.

Another parent sent a big fat “thoughts and prayers” check to Senator Pat Toomey, who offered thoughts and prayers to “those affected by today’s terrible shooting.” He received about $80,000 from “gun rights” groups in 2016.

The idea is catching on, and more Americans are taking a stand against the GOP’s complete indifference to our children being slaughtered in their classrooms:

This is an amazing idea, but it’s important that we also send real money to their opponents so we can clean house this year.