Melania Just Embarrassed Trump After Reports Of Affair With Playboy Model (VIDEO)

The Trumps’ icy relationship has been well-documented but after today’s report that Donald had a 9-month sexual affair with a former Playboy model, things are going to get icier for the couple if what happened today with Melania is an indication of what’s to come. Karen McDougal, a former Playmate of the Year, had the alleged affair with Trump just months after Melania gave birth to their son. She doesn’t seem to happy about the report. Like Stormy Daniels, McDougal was given hush money to stay quiet about the affair.

Melania Trump boarded Air Force One by herself Friday even though a press advisory said that the Trumps would be going from the White House to Air Force One together. Journalists reported that Melania arrived at Joint Base Andrews on her own and photos were not allowed.

A reporter for the Washington Post tweeted that the “Press was invited to get on Air Force One, then rushed off and hurried back inside as Melania Trump’s motorcade pulled up. Some screaming from a White House press aide. No pictures allowed of first lady’s arrival.”

While McDougal was in Trump Tower with the former reality show star, she wrote that Trump pointed out Melania’s separate bedroom. He “said she liked her space,” McDougal wrote, “to read or be alone.”

Donald Trump is becoming increasingly more isolated with staffers, aides, and advisers leaving the administration. And now, even his wife doesn’t want to be near him.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.