Trump-Approved Blogger Posts Fake News On FL Shooter, Then Pretends It’s Someone Else’s Fake News

A Trump administration-approved “correspondent,” who actually writes for the lying, far right-wing conspiracy site The Gateway Pundit, rushed to tie yesterday’s tragic shooting at a high school in Florida to Democrats. The now-changed post is still available on, and the headline reads: “BREAKING: Don’t Let The MAGA Hat Fool You, Hispanic Shooter ‘Nicholas de Jesus Cruz’ Was A Registered Democrat.”

That brilliant headline, crafted by equally brilliant Lucian Wintrich, was followed by a short paragraph about what was happening, and then claimed that Cruz was a registered Democrat in Florida. Wintrich, in all his amazingly amazing wisdom, spelled “Florida” wrong three times in the post, cited absolutely no sources, and ended it by claiming that Cruz wasn’t a Trump supporter despite a picture of him in a MAGA hat floating around.

So now that we know more about 19-year old Nikolas Cruz, Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs noticed a slight–ahem–problem with The Gateway Pundit’s story and update. The site has yet again made a complete fool of itself as Wintrich posted this update:

And Wintrich is further trying to cover his ass on his ridiculously fake report with this:

“Note: there is some discrepancy as to whether the name of the shooter is ‘Nicolas Cruz’ or ‘Nicolas de Jesus Cruz’ as has been reported by close to 100 other new media companies (we have the screenshots). Such being said: it is becoming more clear that this individual was NOT, in fact, an actual Trump supporter, as is being reported by the media as the result of the image that shows Cruz wearing a MAGA hat.”

It’s actually Nikolas, with a “k,” and whatever you say, dude. You’re obviously the expert here.

The Gateway Pundit is known for publishing blatantly fake news and then removing those stories and updating them as though it’s not their fault they lied. Despite that, the White House gave Wintrich press credentials. That says far more about what this administration considers credible news than Trump’s addiction to Fox News.

Featured image via Susan Stocker – Pool/Getty Images