Jeff Sessions Knows What REALLY Caused The Florida School Shooting: Gang Violence

So-called Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a racist. However, he’s be in the business of using his various positions of power to enact racist policies long enough to know how to use coded language to justify his racism. The latest version of this, though, is perhaps the most despicable. He is saying that the school shooting in Parkland, Florida is the result of gang violence. He is wrong of course – at least when it comes to the kind of gang violence Sessions is talking about. The shooter is, in fact, a white guy who belonged to a white supremacist militia and is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump.

That did not, however, stop Sessions for plowing forward with his racist theories. He said during a press conference on Thursday, barely 24 hours after the shooting:

“When parents once again go to sleep fearful that their kids will not be safe, even when they go to school—parents have told me in gang-infested neighborhoods that children can no longer stand at the bus stop by themselves, they take turns, parents do, of being out there every morning and afternoon. So we’ve gotta confront the problem. There’s not doubt about it.”

Of course, we know he is implying that black people and/or Latinos are responsible for this nightmare, rather than gun-crazed, Trump-supporting white guy with an ax to grind, as was the case in this situation.

Sessions is nothing short of reprehensible. He is a lifelong racist who has continued to use the levers of power to subjugate black people, Hispanic people, LGBTQ people and others he doesn’t like. This is racist as fuck, and we all know it. Jeff Sessions should NOT be this nation’s chief law enforcement officer. And there he sits, in that powerful position, telling the nation and the world that minorities are responsible for a shooting perpetuated by a violent white supremacist.

Featured image via  Alex Wong/Getty Images