Trump Says General Motors, Which Never Left Detroit, Is Coming Back To Detroit (VIDEO)

Donald Trump loves to take credit for his predecessor’s actions, but this time, he’s grabbing even more credit, probably because today ends in a Y. General Motors announced today that it will “cease production and close its Gunsan plant by the end of May 2018″ and because the plant in South Korea is having problems, Trump assumed that it would move to Detroit even though General Motors is already in Detroit? Confused? Yeah, me too.

On the announcement, Trump said,”General Motors is coming back into Detroit. That is a really significant statement.”


Trump said, “You don’t hear these things except for the fact Trump is President” while speaking of himself in the third person again.

The facility in Gunsan “has been increasingly underutilized, running at about 20 percent of capacity over the past three years, making continued operations unsustainable,” according to GM’s statement. It’s not closing because Trump has done something awesome to entice them to ‘come back to Detroit’ even though it is already in Detroit.

Late last year, GM made plans to scale back production at an assembly plant in Detroit and, according to a source,  would “lay off about 1,500 workers as the company contends with a continued decline in sedan sales.” So, it’s highly unlikely that the company will bring more workers to Detriot. But, because Trump hasn’t accomplished anything after being in office for just over a year, he’s going to grab credit wherever he can find it. Citation: see the video again.

Topping that off, Trump is now presenting us with a budget which will not balance. In 2016, Trump said that he will eliminate our country’s debt in 8 years. Well, he’s off to a really bad start. Trump is merely trying to distract the public from his mountain of scandals by claiming that GM will be coming back to Detriot even though it never left.

I know, it’s hard to believe that President Liar Pants lied again.

Image via screen capture.