Racist Washed-Up Z-List Actor Kevin Sorbo Just Got NEUTERED By Chrissy Teigen

Kevin Sorbo is an idiot. This isn’t a statement of opinion. After all, who can call peaceful black protesters “animals” and not be completely fucking insane? Sorbo, most famous for his role in a terrible 90s TV show in which he played Hercules, unleashed yet another torrent of uninformed, racist garbage on Twitter and found himself wanting for allies.

Only in America are legal citizens labeled ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis,’ but illegal aliens are called ‘Dreamers,’ Sorbo tweeted Sunday.

Hoo boy, where to begin?

First off, “Dreamers” were brought here as children and have been in the United States their entire lives. Many of them have families — children, who are American citizens.

While Sorbo might feel persecuted that people call him and his ideological allies “Nazis” and “racists” simply because they act like Nazis and racists, he might be interested to know that many legal German citizens were also Nazis and racists. There was even this thing called the Holocaust that was the result of all that Nazism and racism.

Naturally, Jercules got stomped hard by the internet — but the biggest bootprint was left by Chrissy Teigen:

Others, of course, joined in the fun:

Yes, Kevin Sorbo is still alive, Twitter Person, and spewing the same hatred as Donald Trump’s Nazi followers.

Thanks everyone for telling him to go fuck himself.

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