Hannity Humiliated After Eagerly Lapping Up Obama ‘Secret Sperm’ Story

Well, folks, we’re there. We have reached the point that we must say the words “Obama’s secret hair sperm” in relation to a right-wing conspiracy theory involving — you guessed it — Fox News superstar Sean Hannity.

On Tuesday, Hannity showed that he’s not satisfied simply jamming his tongue inside Donald Trump’s big orange sphincter — he also eagerly laps up weird forum posts about Obama’s secret hair sperm (there’s that phrase folks).

Hannity tweeted out an article on his own website that claimed Obama’s new portrait at the Smithsonian contains “secret sperm cells” the artist secretly inserted in the former President’s hair.

“His portraits initially depicted African-American men against rich textile or wallpaper backgrounds whose patterns he has likened to abstractions of sperm. Some of the subjects were famous (rap and sports stars), others not,” Hannity quoted the New York Times’ 2008 piece about the artist — though this was simply a comparison that was made rather than a secret plan to insert sperm into everything.

He even posted a close-up of a vein he thinks looks like sperm:

He was so proud of the article that he tweeted about it:

After seemingly the entire world mocked him, Hannity was forced to delete the article and his tweet — especially after news began to break that Hannity had pulled the story directly from the racist-infested 4chan /pol board. Naturally, the Nazis that inhabit that little corner of the internet are tickled pink:

Why is Hannity so obsessed with Obama’s sperm? Who the f*ck knows? But when anti-gay bigots start fantasizing about men with cum on their faces, it usually means they’re about to get busted with an underage boy in a gas station bathroom (location varies).

Image via screengrab