NRA TV Host Totally Owns Libs By Destroying His Own TV (VIDEO)

The National Rifle Association media affiliate NRATV launched a bizarre ad to attack ‘fake news’ media which features the host in a t-shirt that reads, ‘Socialist Tears.’ You’re probably already huddled in a corner, sucking your thumb while in a fetal position because this guy sure showed you a thing or two. The NRA host, Grant Stinchfield, is seen standing with a sledgehammer (scary!) while the TV in the background shows clips from CNN, The View, and John Oliver in which the hosts paint Donald Trump in a negative light. Then, Stinchfield, while wearing safety goggles, turns to his innocent television set and smashes it with a sledgehammer.


According to the host’s t-shirt, we are supposed to cry because he destroyed the organization’s TV set.

Apparently, it didn’t work because he was thoroughly mocked on Twitter.


Last August, this same badass NRA host had to delete a tweet which suggested that North Korea should bomb California. We’re going to go out on a limb here to suggest that this orginization isn’t really about gun safety anymore. Just a hunch. Call me, like, a stable genius or something, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Image via screen capture.