Fox News Gets Obliterated After Promoting Trump’s Tweet About ‘Fake News’

Fox News embarrassed themselves on Sunday when they decided it would be a good idea to use the words “fake news” while promoting Donald Trump’s latest dumb tweet.

At this point, Fox News can best be described as “far weirder than state-run media” as Vox’s Alvin Chang puts it — and it certainly is interesting that a “news” network that only tells the truth 22% of the time thinks they can even say the words “fake news” unironically for any reason. Naturally, the interwebs had a lot of fun with this tweet:

Trump is getting desperate and his tweets are showing it. It seems as though not a day goes by when he does not tweet about Russia, the FAKE NEWS media (everyone but Fox News and Breitbart-esque fringe websites).

Maybe that tweet about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine was a good idea…