JUST IN: Trump Campaign Chair In Kentucky Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking Of Minors

A former Kentucky campaign official for Donald Trump pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of minors. Former Judge Tim Nolan, a former leader in the Tea Party movement, pleaded guilty to 21 counts against 19 victims and will face 20 yrs in prison for felony trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex, giving alcohol to a minor, sodomy in the third degree, unlawful transaction of controlled substance with minors under 16 and 18, and rape.

According to the charges read in court by Judge Kathleen Lape, Nolan, 71, used drugs, threats of arrest and threats of eviction to force women and girls under the age of 18 into sex acts.

Under the plea agreement, in addition to facing 20 years in prison, Nolan will pay a $110,000 fine. His attorney said he will be eligible for parole in four years. The judge is scheduled to sentence him on March 29.

After Nolan’s guilty plea, he thanked his attorneys, the judge and a doctor who was involved in his case “who made me realize things.” Nolan previously claimed to be innocent of all charges.

“Thank you, judge, for your tolerance in this case,” Nolan said.

It took 10 minutes for Judge Lape to read all of the counts to Nolan, who in turn pleaded guilty to each one.

Cincinnati.com reports:

“The case has shocked the region. Nolan served as a district judge in the late 1970s and early 1980s and had become a well-known political figure. He campaigned locally for President Donald Trump, was vocal on many conservative/tea party issues, and was elected to the Campbell County School Board in 2016.”

Nolan was appointed to chair Trump’s electoral campaign in Kentucky’s Campbell County and was also involved in choosing local delegates tasked with casting votes at the July 2016 Republican presidential primary according to documents obtained by Reuters last year.

We can certainly see why Nolan worked so hard to elect Donald Trump, a man who admitted to being a sexual predator in the Hollywood Access video. At least 22 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct between the 1970s and 2013. Two Trump officials have resigned in the last 24 hours over accusations of domestic violence. We see a pattern here.

Image via mugshot.