Genius Impersonators Show Trump And A Dictator Acting Like Besties At Winter Olympics (IMAGES)

Everyone knows how much Donald Trump admires dictators like Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un. He is even going so far as to order the Pentagon to throw a grand military parade for him, and called the Democrats in Congress who didn’t clap at his State of the Union address “treasonous.” Yep, that is the stuff of dictatorships, not the United States of America. Well, it seems that a couple of people at the Winter Olympics in South Korea agree, because they turned up at the opening festivities in Pyeongchang dressed as Trump and Kim Jong-un, and they were just as chummy as two peas in a pod.

The impersonations were very good, and thanks to Twitter, those of use who are not in South Korea right now get to see them. Here are just a few images:

Of course, the photos are hilarious, and we can all kick back and have a good laugh at Trump’s expense. But the more sinister implications here cannot be ignored. America is sliding into authoritarianism as we speak. The fact that an American president can be compared to a literal murderous dictator and it isn’t seen as absolutely absurd should alarm everyone in this great nation, and indeed anyone who cares about the preservation of western democracy as we know it.

Donald Trump never wanted to be president. He wants to rule the world. There is a very big difference between serving one’s country and serving one’s own ego. Trump is doing the latter. He has no respect for the rule of law, and regularly complains about the guardrails that are in place to restrain him. He will accept nothing less than complete and utter world domination. Nothing else will do.

So, yes, laugh at these impersonators, but also realize that what makes a joke work is the kernel of truth that is in there – and there’s way too much truth here for comfort.

Featured image via Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images