Married ‘Family Values’ Conservative Lawmaker Used Taxpayer Money to Pay For a Prostitute – Twice

The Party of Family Values* is at it again! Utah Rep. Jon Stanard, a proudly married conservative who spent each and every day fighting for Jesus, was forced to resign after — I dunno, the Deep State made him f*ck a prostitute a couple times on the taxpayers’ dime?

The turmoil began after call girl Brie Taylor accused Stanard of paying her $250 for sex on two different occasions. This is, of course, a teensy bit awkward as Stanard voted last year to increase penalties for prostitution to $2,500.

“I am a strong advocate for conservative family values. I am pro-life, as well as for traditional marriage,” the married-with-three-children now-former lawmaker’s website said at the time. Also last year in June and August, Stanant paid Taylor $250 for sex at the Fairfield Inn and Little America. He even asked if she could bring “toys” and a “corset.” She also canceled on him once, based on his text messages:

“I already knew who he was because I screen all my clients using a phone number service and I Googled him,” Taylor said. “I was surprised that he was using his real phone number. I thought that was kind of stupid but I knew he wasn’t a psycho so I met him.”

According to Taylor, she and Stanard had vaginal, oral, and anal sex. They also may or may not have played with “toys” together. If that isn’t family values, I don’t know what is!

After the information became public, Stanard did what any “family values” conservative would do when revealed as a hypocrite: he ran away.

“Last night Rep. Stanard unexpectedly resigned due to personal and family concerns. We will honor his request for privacy, and ask that others do the same,” Utah Speaker of the House said Wednesday in a statement.

“Given the current climate in this country with misconduct allegations and the way things are happening in the media right now, there isn’t any explanation that my client could give that would overcome the shadow of these allegation,” Stanard’s attorney said following the resignation.

Stanard was reimbursed for both his hotel stays, which occurred while he was attending legislative meetings at the state Capitol. according to House chief of staff Greg Hartley.

The Party of “Family Values” love to preach down to the rest of us, but in practice they are more concerned with appearances than actual “morality.”

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