Joe Biden Comes Out And Says It: Trump Is Being Blackmailed By Putin

As everyone else avoids directly addressing what is going on with Donald Trump and Russia, former Vice President Joe Biden just doesn’t seem to feel the need to mince words.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Biden on Thursday why Trump was “so reluctant to take on Vladimir Putin” — and she got an answer she probably was not expecting.

“Look, you know, I want to give every American, including the president, the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t fathom any reason other than he is concerned of what Putin might say or do, or what information he may or may not have,” Biden said, adding that the Trump administration was not making a sufficient effort to prevent Russia from again interfering in our elections.

“But look, unrelated to the whole issue of whether or not there’s collusion, separate and apart from all that, it’s necessary for us to stem this problem,” he told Mitchell. “It’s necessary for us to corral the Russians.”

Biden’s words come as the head of cybersecurity at the Department of Homeland Security confirms (again) that Russian hackers did indeed successfully penetrate the voter registrations of several states during the election. There is no evidence as of yet that any votes were changed, but cybersecurity expert Jeremy Epstein says that such a thing might not be obvious.

“So as a remote attacker, I can target an election management system, one of these ballot programming computers. If I can infect it with malicious software, I can have that malicious software spread to the individual machines on the memory cards, and then change votes on Election Day,” Epstein says.

“This is a real threat,” election technology expert Larry Norden agrees. “It’s not going away, and if anything, foreign adversaries, even people at home, might be emboldened to do this more going forward. And to me it is a real call that we have to do more as soon as possible to secure these systems.”

With the Trump administration refusing to implement bipartisan sanctions against Russia, “emboldened” is probably how Putin is feeling right now.

Watch Biden say what’s going on below:

Image via screengrab