84-Year-Old Quincy Jones Claims He ‘Dated’ Ivanka Trump 12 Years Ago In Recent Interview

Quincy Jones is a legend in the music industry who really needs no introduction. First coming to prominence in the 1950s as a jazz arranger and conductor, Jones is probably best known as a record producer, his most notable works being the Michael Jackson albums Off The WallThriller, and Bad, as well as the 1985 hit We Are The World, combining the talents of the biggest names in American music in the ’80s to raise money for the victims of the famine in Ethiopia.

The man simply known as ‘Q’ has been nominated for 79 Grammy Awards, winning 28 plus a Grammy Legend Award in 1991, was the first African-American alongside his songwriting partner Bob Russell to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song back in 1968, and was even named by Time as one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century. If his recent claims are anything to go by, Jones may be able to add another feather to his cap — Ivanka Trump.

In a recent interview, Jones, who will be turning 85 next month, claimed that he “dated” Ivanka Trump, the 49-year age gap, his three previous marriages or seven children apparently not particularly being an issue. I guess some women really do go for men like their fathers.

During the interview, Jones said that if he could fix one problem, it would be racism. The interviewer asked Q what has stirred up racism and if he believed it was all about “Trumpism,” to which Jones gave the following response:

“It’s Trump and uneducated rednecks. Trump is just telling them what they want to hear. I used to hang out with him. He’s a crazy motherf_cker. Limited mentally — a megalomaniac, narcissistic. I can’t stand him. I used to date Ivanka, you know.”

When asked to elaborate, Jones didn’t hold back:

“Yes, sir. Twelve years ago. Tommy Hilfiger, who was working with my daughter Kidada, said, ‘Ivanka wants to have dinner with you.’ I said, No problem. She’s a fine motherf_cker.’ She had the most beautiful legs I ever saw in my life. Wrong father, though.”

It’s a disturbing image to conjure up, Quincy Jones and Ivanka Trump, but in hindsight, one thing is abundantly clear; Quincy Jones is far too intelligent to be deemed similar Ivanka’s father.

Featured image via Brian Ach/Getty Images for YouTube