Trump Jr.: My Racist Daddy Isn’t Racist Because He’s Been In Photos With ‘All The Rappers’

You know how racists normally respond to you pointing out that they’re racists by listing off their single, unnamed black friend? Well, Donald Trump Jr. has a fresh new spin on that — “my daddy’s been in pictures with rappers.”

“I know him (the president), I’ve seen him my whole life. I’ve seen the things he’s done,” Trump Jr. told the Daily Caller over the weekend. You know it’s amazing–all the rappers, all his African American friends, from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, have pictures with him.”

Not only is it racist to assume that all rappers are black, but Al Sharpton? They boogeyman of the Right almost every time race comes up? The guy who says he met The Donald  “marching on him about Central Park?” The guy who is definitely not a rapper? That Al Sharpton?

Trump does indeed have photos with some rappers who happen to be black — including Kanye West (if he can reasonably be called a rapper) who, like Trump, greatly admires North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Trump has also been photographed with Jay-Z (who hates him snd vice versa), Snoop Dogg (who definitely hates him), Lil John (who doesn’t exactly admire the guy who called him “Uncle Tom” on Celebrity Apprentice), Puff Daddy or P. Diddy or whatever he’s called this week (who has “more assault charges than pseudonyms” as the Daily Beast put it), and Odd Future (the group has a collection of merchandise dedicated to mocking The Donald).

Jesse Jackson who, like Al Sharpton, is not a rapper, once praised Trump but his opinion has shifted because of President Stable Genius’ actions.

Trump once spent $85,000 on a full-page newspaper ad smearing and calling for the executions of the “Central Park five” — a group of Latino and black youths who were wrongfully convicted of an assault and rape they did not commit. He also offered to pay the legal fees of his white supporters who violently attacked black protesters at his rallies while he was campaigning and regularly attacks black NFL players for protesting police brutality.

None of that is “real racism” according to Trump Jr.

Watch our idiot President’s idiot son defend him against perfectly reasonable racism allegations below:

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