WATCH: Melania Humiliates Trump By Refusing To Hold His Hand AGAIN

Ha. Ha. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Poor Donald Trump can’t catch a break. On Monday as he and Melania were leaving the White House for their trip to Ohio, The Donald attempted to hold the First Lady’s hand for a photo — and apparently, he hasn’t yet learned his lesson about trying to get her to touch him.

Melania can be seen in the video ripping her hand away. He then grabs her by the waist and moves her around like a prop for the photo because he has no respect for womens’ body autonomy even when it comes to their ability to stand where they wish — but she steps far away from her husband.

It’s looking like Melania is still a little bit upset about that massive $130k payoff from Trump to a porn star for an affair that happened while Melania was recovering from childbirth.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Melania Trump has refused to hold her husband’s hand or otherwise told him to fuck off in public, but it may be the funniest — not becauseĀ  of what actually happened, but because after it’s happened so many times conservatives just…can’t make excuses for it anymore.

Melania knows what the rest of us know: her husband is a terrible human being. Like the rest of us, we imagine she wishes she could be rid of him — but she’s there by choice for the money, and we’re just stuck with him thanks to a system that is in place primarily to protect the power of slave states.

Melania Trump is not a heroine for her public rejection of The Donald, but Republicans in Congress could learn a lot from her. It’s time for them, like Melania, to refuse to hold his hand and to get as far away from him as possible.

Image via screengrab