Here’s A Video Of Trump Lackey Carter Page In Russia Speaking In Support Of Putin During Campaign

Man, you guys, that FISA warrant the FBI obtained to look into Donald Trump advisor Carter Page sure is phony. In response to the GOP’s release of a memo written by Republican staffers claiming that there were improprieties in the way the FBI just…targeted Page, Trump claimed that he was completely vindicated because someone associated with him was hit with phony accusations of working for Russia.

After all, what proof do they have? A video of Page speaking in support of Vladimir Putin in Russia during Trump’s 2016 election campaign? Oh. That’s exactly what they have?

It’s worth mentioning that Page has likely been a Russian asset since at least 2013 when a couple of Russian spies found a delightfully stupid conservative who was “eager to help” provide information to the Kremlin — and that this videos corroborates a Politico report that reveals:

In July 2016 Page went back to Russia, in a trip approved by the Trump campaign. There was keen interest. Page was someone who might give sharper definition to the candidate’s views on future US–Russian relations. Moscow sources suggest that certain people in the Russian government arranged Page’s visit. “We were told: ‘Can you bring this guy over?’” one source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

One of Russia’s top private universities, the New Economics School, invited Page to give a public lecture. This was no ordinary event but the prestigious commencement address to its class of graduating students. The venue was Moscow’s World Trade Center

Russia’s media hailed Page as a “celebrated American economist.” This, despite the fact that Page’s lecture was distinctly strange—a content-free ramble verging on the bizarre. Page, it seemed, was criticizing U.-.S-led attempts at “regime change” in the former Soviet world. Nobody could be sure. His audience included students and local Trump fans, some of whom were visibly nodding off by the end.

Page’s speech was rambling, but one major topic he touched on was “the United States’ attempts to spread democracy, and how disgraceful they were” according to Guardian reporter Shaun Walker.

According to the Steele dossier, the true purpose of this trip to Russia was so that Page could have clandestine meetings with Russian operatives on behalf of the Trump campaign:

Page’s multiple interactions with senior Russians were a matter of growing concern to US intelligence. In the coming months, the FBI seemed to grow suspicious that Page might be a Russian agent. That summer the bureau decided it was going to bug Page’s phone calls. This was no easy matter. To do this lawfully, federal agents had to obtain a warrant. Any application of this kind was voluminous—as then FBI Director James Comey put it, these were often thicker than his wrists.

The application included Page’s earlier testimony to the FBI. In June 2013 counter-intelligence agent Gregory Monaghan interviewed Page in connection with the Podobnyy–SVR spy ring. Page said he’d done nothing wrong. Since then, Page had held further meetings with Russian operatives that had not been publicly disclosed, the application said.

The FBI presented its evidence before a secret tribunal— the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, or FISA, court, which handles sensitive national security cases. The bureau argued that there were strong grounds to believe that Page was acting as a Russian agent. The judge agreed. From this point on, the FBI was able to access Page’s electronic communications. An initial ninety-day warrant was later renewed.

Republicans want you to think that there’s nothing to the criminal investigation into Page and numerous other figures in Trump’s campaign and administration — but you’d have to be pretty f*cking stupid to believe that at this point.

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