Russia Is Developing A ‘Doomsday’ Intercontinental Nuclear Torpedo As Trump Shirks Sanctions

Donald Trump recently refused to implement sanctions against Russia, which is  bad thing for a number of reasons — but one of the major ones is the fact that he’s turning a blind eye as news breaks that the Kremlin is developing a “doomsday weapon” that has the capability of leveling U.S. cities from across the world.

On Friday, the Trump administration released a report on the state of America’s nuclear arsenal. NPR reports:

But buried in the plan is a mention of a mysterious Russian weapon called “Status-6.” On paper, at least, Status-6 appears to be a kind of doomsday device. The report refers to it as “a new intercontinental, nuclear-armed, nuclear-powered, undersea autonomous torpedo.”

“The radius of total or near-total destruction is the size of a pretty large metropolitan area, actually,” says Edward Geist, a Russia specialist at the Rand Corp. who has spent time looking at the weapon. “It’s difficult to imagine in normal terms.”

Status-6 made its first public appearance in 2015, while Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting with his generals in the city of Sochi.

Russia state television reported on the visit. The camera shows Putin seated at a long table. Then it cuts to a shot over one of the general’s shoulders. He is looking at what appears to be a drawing of a new nuclear weapon called the Oceanic Multipurpose System Status-6.

The torpedo is…big. About 1/3 the length of a large Russian submarine big. It’s also nuclear-powered, so it can “roam for months and possibly even years beneath the ocean without surfacing” — which is exactly what you don’t want to hear when the subject is a warhead “thousands of times more powerful than the bombs dropped at the end of World War II and more powerful than anything currently in the U.S. and Russian arsenals.”

“The only possible U.S. targets are large port cities,” says Mark Schneider, a senior analyst with the National Institute for Public Policy. “The detonation of Status-6 in any of them would essentially wipe out their population into the far suburbs.”

The Trump alliance with the Kremlin is getting out of hand — especially if we are ignoring very real threats  like this.

Image via screengrab