Trump Jr. Mocked To Oblivion After ‘Democracy Dies In Dankness’ Blunder (TWEETS)

The world is still laughing at the Trump administration for printing out all those State of the “Uniom” tickets, but the neanderthalic dunces on the Right just keep the hits coming.

This latest and perhaps best typo in recent history comes from Donald Trump Jr., who managed to make perhaps the most hilarious typo known to modern man or horse.

While attempting to attack the Washington Post, he managed to kill his momentum by typing “democracy dies in dankness.” He also confused “byline” and “tagline.”

Naturally, this was a lot of fun for everyone who is not Donald Trump Jr.:

The memo in question was written by Republicans, altered by Republicans, and redacted by the White House. In addition, the FBI has expressed “grave concerns” about its accuracy. Republicans also refuse to release the Democratic memo — all of that seems pretty dank…err, dark.

Image via screengrab