REPORT: U.K. Will Share Less Confidential Info With U.S. If Republicans #ReleaseTheMemo

The Republican-written and Republican-altered FISA memo is causing a lot of chaos.

The GOP voted to release their memo, which Trump hopes to use to discredit the criminal investigation into his administration and campaign’s ties to Russia, over the objections of Democrats (who were denied the ability to release their FISA memo), FBI Director Christopher Wray’s threat to quit if the memo is released, and the FBI’s “grave concerns” over the memo’s accuracy. In fact, it would be easiest to say that only Republicans, stupid people, stupid people who are also Republicans, and Russian social media accounts support the release of the memo.

Now the United Kingdom has spoken up, indicating that they may be willing to share less information with the United States because the memo “risks revealing British spying methods.”

Justice Department officials say that the issues raised in the memo are “so highly classified that they may not be in a position to point out errors or misleading statements,” NBC News notes.

It’s clear what is happening. To preserve himself, Donald Trump doesn’t care who he hurts. Unfortunately, dealing with that is currently a matter in the hands of Republicans — and it doesn’t look like they intend to put their country first anytime soon.

This year, we can make a difference. Democrats have a historically-depressing turnout rate in the midterms. Let’s change that.

Image via Getty Images