Donald Trump Jr. ‘Likes’ Fox News Tweet About Spread Of Russian Propaganda

Since Donald Trump Jr. has admitted on Twitter that he had a super-secret meeting with a woman he believed to be a Russian government lawyer, it may not surprise you that he is still doing stupid things on Twitter.

This time, Trump Jr. decided to “like” a Fox News report announcing that 1.4 million Twitter users “engaged with Russian propaganda during election.”

The FBI warned Donald Trump in 2016 that the Russians were trying to infiltrate his campaign. Instead of taking steps to  correct it, members of his campaign — including Donald Trump Jr. — decided to work with Russia instead.

On Donald Trump’s behalf, Vladimir Putin waged war on the truth, spreading propaganda targeting Hillary Clinton — stuff that was gobbled up by President Stable Genius’ supporters and Jill Stein “Progressives.”

Kind of weird that Trump Jr. would publicly celebrate how far Russian propaganda reached, huh?

Thursday just wasn’t Trump Jr.’s day on Twitter. He also managed the best typo in human history — “democracy dies in dankness” — and to admit that his father fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe, committing felony obstruction of justice in the process.

At this point, Robert Mueller isn’t even going to have to work to…what’s that thing Trump supporters say? Oh. Yes…”lock him up.”

Image via screengrab