Julian Assange Promised A Fake Hannity Account Real Back-Channel Information


When Sean Hannity’s Twitter account disappeared over the weekend, there was much rejoicing on the Left and gnashing of teeth on the Right. But Russian propaganda purveyor Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks — which was identified by CIA Director Mike Pompeo as a “non-state hostile intelligence service”  last year– managed to fuck up huge while trying to contact Hannity about some important backchannel information about a problematic Democrat…

Dell Gilliam was one of many people who seized upon Hannity’s disappearance from Twitter to pretend to be him, but her account (@SeanHannity__) was by far the most popular. In was so realistically outraged and stupid, in fact, that Assange was fooled by it.

In a short amount of time, “Hannity” grew to 24,000 followers — enough to convince Assange she was real. Then, on a whim, she randomly messaged him.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I mean… I can. It’s crazy. Nothing can be put past people,” Gilliam wrote to the Russian asset. “I’m exhausted from the whole night. What about you, though? You doing ok?”

“I’m happy as long as there is a fight!” Assange responded.

Gilliam — or “Hannity” — said she was “definitely up for a fight.” Twice during the conversation, Assange referenced trying “other channels” and sending “messages on other channels” to receive “some news about Warner.”

Assange was referencing Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Donald Trump.

As of late, Hannity has been teasing “the biggest scandal in American history”” — and his big reveal seems to be tied to whatever information Assange is feeding him.

One could assume that Assange was perfectly innocently conveying information, but that would require that person to ignore the need for secrecy.

It’s probably time for Mueller to have a chat with Mr. Hannity, who appears to be working with a verified hostile actor. Don’t you think?

Image via screengrab