GOP Congressman Accidentally Admits Devin Nunes Is Still Secretly Leading Fake Russian Probe

Remember how GOP Congressman and co-chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes “recused” himself from the process? Even if you think you do you don’t because according to one of his colleagues’ accidental slip during an interview, he is still leading the investigation.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz appear on MSNBC’s “Velshi and Ruhle,” where he couldn’t manage to keep his big stupid mouth shut in a conversation about a memo written by Nunes’ staff that Republicans are currently attempting to use to derail the real Russia investigation.

“The Department of Justice says releasing it would be ‘extraordinarily reckless,’” said host Stephanie Ruhle. “The president refers to the Department of Justice as ‘my guys,’ so if his own Department of Justice says this is extraordinarily reckless, why is it a good idea to do it?”

House Republicans are refusing to share the memo with the Justice Department, whose officials oppose its release over national security concerns.

“Well, the Department of Justice hasn’t even read the memo so it would be hard for them to determine what would on would not be reckless because they haven’t seen it,” Gaetz said, adding that Nunes — despite his recusal — is still running the show:

“I think Devin Nunes has done a great job chairing the Intelligence Committee leading this investigation. I trust his judgment.”

“I thought he recused himself,” Ruhle replied.

Gaetz, who clearly realized he fucked up, tried to make things better. But his ramblings revealed that Nunes is still much more involved than he or his GOP allies say.

“He had because there were false charges that he had released classified information to the White House,” Gaetz said. “There was an ethics investigation into that allegation, Mr. Nunes was completely cleared.”

“He seems to be in full command and control of this investigation,” Gaetz continued. “I think that’s a good thing. All of the allegations made against him, completely proven false and he was completely cleared. He is the chairman of the Intelligence Committee and I trust his judgment.”

“Co-chairman, right?” Ruhle reminded him.

“Well, he’s the chairman of the majority side,” Gaetz said.

The House Intelligence Committee is expected to vote on the release of the FISA memo, which was written by GOP staffers and, as Democrats have pointed out, consists of “a misleading set of talking points attacking the FBI.”

Watch the interview below:

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