F*cked-Up Former Youth Pastor Mocks #MeToo Movement By Comparing Rape To Finding Jesus

If we observe evangelicals, the Catholic church, and a pretty large percentage of Christians in general for a total of three seconds, we can easily see that they don’t give a fuck about women who are sexually assaulted — but one youth pastor took not giving a fuck about abused women to a whole new level when he mocked the #MeToo movement with a stupid post about Jesus.

The hashtag, which has been shared heavily on social media as women recalled the painful stories of the times they were sexually assaulted and harassed by men, is something that is to be taken seriously. But Gus Eli Reinhardt, who until recently served as Director of Student Ministries and Recovery at GracePointe Church (he tendered his resignation in July 2017 according to whomever was manning or womaning the church’s Facebook account when I messaged) and who served as Youth Minister at Holt Baptist Church before that, apparently didn’t get the memo.

“I was once assaulted by a man. He forced Himself on me. I did not consent. I did not agree. I did not have a say in it. I did not even really know what had happened until years later,” Gus posted to Facebook Monday morning. “Over the years, I’ve struggled to figure out how it happened and why. I still think about it to this day and I am still so shocked that it occurred. Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”

Now, at this point you might be thinking “how brave of him to share his story and show solidarity. We need more men like him!” Well…hold onto that thought while you read the next sentence or two:

That man was Jesus. He assaulted me with His complete and perfect righteousness. He forced Himself on me by forcing His perfect life over my record of mistakes and shame. It happened in an instant – The moment I believed – And it can never be undone.

You know what else can’t be undone? Rape. Gus added in a sentence assuring you, the reader, that he’s “NOT making light of the #metoo movement” — you know, kind of like how Trump supporters inform you that they’re “not racist but” as they say something racist — but he sure did a lot of making light of the movement (complete with a hefty bit of rape imagery throughout the rest of his disgusting post):

Here’s the deal: If you’re a believer in Jesus, then you too (#youtoo) have been assaulted by Jesus!! It doesn’t matter if you think you made the choice to follow Him or if you feel like He dragged you kicking and screaming into the kingdom…The bible says that the moment anyone believes (regardless of their own choosing or not) that they are clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

I do not get a say in how God sees me. I do not have a choice in whether or not I am eternally righteous. These things have been forced upon me in the form of Jesus. He assaulted me to the glory of God.

What I’m describing is called Imputation. It’s a big ole fancy theological term, and even though no pastor or bible scholar in their right mind can argue against it, it’s something most Christians never hear or understand.

All shock-jock stuff aside, think for a moment how different your day, week, year, life would be if you grasped the fact that God has FORCED the perfect life of Christ over your dirty sinful existence and that you didn’t get a say, don’t get a say, and won’t get a say…Ever.

Now, you’re probably thinking “could someone be this stupid? This has to be fake, right?” Unfortunately, there is someone this stupid and his name is Gus Reinhardt:

Gus’ idiotic post was, shall we say, “not well received.”

Gus isn’t bothered by the criticism, though, assuring us that this is “far from the worst” thing he’s done and promises “even worse in the future.”

“I think his sense of humor may have been raptured,” one person remarked. Another informed Gus that he’s a “piece of shit.” All commenters seem to agree.

It is unclear if Gus serves as a minister anywhere right now, but let’s all pray (or your equivalent magical or nonmagical expression of wishes) that he’s not allowed around kids.

Image via Facebook