WATCH: SNL Invokes ‘All In The Family’ In Longing For The Days Before Trump

No one ever accused George W. Bush of being the best president America has ever seen, and goodness knows he has more than his share of mistakes – to be generous. He brought the housing market crashing down and the world economy to the brink of collapse, terribly mishandled the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina, leaving bunches of preventable deaths in his wake – and that is just for starters. But Dubya looks like Lincoln compared to what we have now – one Donald J. Trump. The good folks over at Saturday Night Live seem to agree, and they wasted absolutely no time in bringing that fact to light in a hilarious cold open on their latest broadcast.

With host Will Ferrell reprising his role as George W. Bush and SNL cast member Leslie Jones playing Bush’s Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, the duo invoked the “Those Were the Days” theme song from the old hit show “All in the Family” to reminisce about the days when they were in control of the federal government and the idea of a Donald Trump presidency was beyond laughable. They waxed nostalgic over the housing market crash, the days when Osama Bin Laden was alive (of course, President Obama had him killed, so that was only a futuristic dream at the time), and the all around normalcy of a Bush presidency compared to what is going on with the absolute abnormality of Trump.

Now, no one in their right mind wants Bush back in the White House, but we sure as hell would rather have him than Trump any day. Despite his many bumbling mistakes and flaws, there was zero reason to believe that the republic was in peril under Bush, while there is plenty of reason to believe it is under Trump, who is nothing more than an incompetent wannbe tinpot dictator.

Well, we can’t turn back the hands of time, and if we don’t laugh at this stuff, we’ll cry. So, thank you Leslie Jones, Will Ferrell, and Saturday Night Live for giving us a bit of comic relief in such stressful times.

Watch this comedy gold below:

Featured image via video screen capture