Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Just Disappeared And Conservatives Are Freaking Out

The early hours of Saturday morning were just like Christmas for much of Twitter, but for the rest the events of the morning served as proof that a secret deep state society was out to get Sean Hannity by deactivating his Twitter account to silence him (apparently they forgot about his radio and TV shows, but I digress…).

Sean Hannity posted something weird — “Form Submission 1649”  — shortly before his account went poof:

So, was he suspended? Did he deactivate his own account so he could tell his viewers that the Deep State is after him? Who the fuck knows? But conservatives are, predictably, in a frenzy over it:

This dude actually has a decent collection of right-wing freakouts:

So what the fuck was Hannity posting about?

One of the prevailing theories is related to the Fox host’s reputation for drunk-tweeting in the middle of the night. A federal regulation related to the “approval of domestic liquor bottles of distinctive shape or design” reads:

“A proprietor desiring approval of domestic liquor bottles of distinctive shape or design, including bottles of less than 200 ml capacity, or, to use such distinctive liquor bottles, shall submit Form 1649/ 5100.31 to the Director for approval.”

Whatever he was typing before his account disappeared, Hannity tweeted “Form Submission 1649” three times. Each time it was deleted.

Something weird is definitely going on with Hannity’s account, which showed 0 followers when it disappeared. No matter what, let’s just appreciate the surely brief time in which Twitter became a much better place.

Image via screengrab