Incompetent Child Leaving The Trump White House After Lying On His Resume

It is very rare that very young people land senior level jobs in the White House, regardless of which political party is in control of the Executive Branch of the federal government. However, as we all know by now, the usual rules and norms of the government do not apply to Donald Trump’s White House. After all, he hired 32-year-old racist Stephen Miller to be his main immigration policy adviser, and 29-year-old Hope Hicks, who is a former fashion model, to be the White House Communications Director. However, it seems that Trump finally f*cked up in that department, because one of his youngsters, 24-year-old drug policy office adviser Taylor Weyeneth.

It seems that an undergraduate degree, no experience, and basically being a Trump sycophant was enough to get Weyeneth hired to a high level post in the Office of National Drug Control Policy. However, it has now come out that Weyeneth essentially lied about his qualifications, according to Buzzfeed News.

The youngster graduated from  St. John’s University in the Spring of 2016, and then immediately went to work for Trump on his presidential campaign. Of course, working on a major party presidential campaign is usually preceded by much experience in lower level politics and law, but not for this guy. Weyeneth only had to prove his loyalty to Trump, and that got him green lighted to the top of one of the nation’s most important agencies. It later came out that there were discrepencies and overlapping dates on the guy’s resume – likely meaning he never actually had those credentials. The most serious falsehood seems to be Weyeneth’s claim that he had a master’s degree from New York’s Forham University. While Fordham did say that he was enrolled and taking classes, he certainly never earned any degree.

One would expect that Team Trump would learn by now – don’t hire people without vetting them first. Then again, this guy is just another in a long line of Trump administration and campaign officials who have proven themselves to be lying liars and in no way fit to be working at the highest levels of our government.

Wake up, America, and elect a Congress that will check this lunacy before it is too late.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images